Experience the Power of Language

Let's change
the world,
one word at a time!

Imagine you could transform your life,
your business, your health and
your relationships by cultivating
a conscious, life-affirming language.

Words matter - every single one
you think, write and say has a huge effect.
Find out more about the power of language
while reading the 1st speakGreen book!

When speaking GREEN, we become co-authors of our language and our lives.
Together we are shifting paradigms and world views in all areas of life.

More and more people are realizing that the language we think, speak, and write often seems to be outdated or isn’t expressing how we see and feel the world.

People begin to tweak words, create neologisms, and change narratives. One of the more recent examples was when “social distancing” felt like “distant socializing” and
when we transformed it into “physical distancing”.

When we change our language, we change how we perceive and live in this world.

speakGreen offers a variety of conscious expressions as micro-interventions you can easily integrate into your day-to-day vocabulary. Practical examples are: Turning “no” messages into constructive statements as in"peace!" instead of "no war!"

Expressing language full of life, also at work:
"due date" instead of "deadline", "teams" instead of "units", "human beings" instead of "human resources". Promoting insightful daily communication: "yes, and" instead of "yes, but". On the speakGreen website and Facebook page,
you will find one post of green language daily.

The book is filled with many practical green-red examples from daily communication, coaching, business, women at work, children, love, peace, conflict transcendence, positive affirmations, and much more.

Our words create positive ripple effects and
ultimately, we transform the world.

Transform your world with the life-affirming language you choose

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