Experience the Power of Language

Be Co-Author of the Future!

Imagine you could transform your life,
your business, your health and
your relationships by cultivating
a conscious, life-affirming language.

Words matter - every single one
you think, speak and write has a huge effect.

Experience the power of language
while reflecting on the questions in
the 1st speakGreen book and taking notes!

When speaking GREEN,
we become
co-authors of
our language and our lives.
we are shifting paradigms and world views
in all areas of life.

Words Create Worlds
- choose the
GREEN ones!

Strengthening our language skills needs practice. When we think, speak and write
in a conscious, life-affirming way, we experience
the transformational power of language.

The 1st speakGreen book Words Create Worlds is designed to be an experience. It offers
Spaces for ReflAction with
questions and
short exercises
to reflect on our usual ways of communicating and how to further evolve them.

This ReflAction Journal provides you with
a collection of Spaces for ReflAction.
Read the respective chapters in the book and reflect on the questions and prompts.
Then grab a green and a red pen/cil and
add your words to this ReflAction Journal.
Let your hand guide you and
be prepared to be surprised!

Taking notes supports you in integrating
the ideas, insights and inspirations shared
in the book into your day-to-day vocabulary
and your life. While journaling you’re already
co-authoring the future!

Let’s express the changes and transformations we wish to experience in this world,
day-by-day and word-for-word.


Transform your world with the life-affirming language you choose

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